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Pipeline Crawlers


3E Smart system crawlers are X-ray or Gamma ray crawlers for the inspection of welded joint in pipes of internal diameter 6” to 48” (or 72”with suitable adapters). The systems are battery operated and travel at about 12m per minute. The system uses an electronic locating device or a small gamma source for location and positioning purposes, giving an accuracy of movement of5 mm, ideal for positioning the x-ray tube or gamma source to inspect a welded joint. The wheel axles on the crawlers are variable and extendable to ensure centering of the unit within the pipe. The sensor controller, either electronic or gamma (Cs 137), stops the crawler at a defined position and after a short period, commences the inspection.

Once the inspection has been completed the radiation ceases and the crawler automatically moves to the next predefined position.

The two types of crawlers are the Smart 6, for pipes 6” to 18” and the Smart 10 for pipes 10” to 48” or up to 72” with suitable adapters.


  •  Four wheel drive/brake.
  •  Reliable and robust in harsher operation conditions.
  •  Safe and easy to use.
  •  Admits re-programming of operation routines to adapt its performance to different working conditions/requirements (programming performed by qualified personnel).



Each axle has an individual drive motor to move the crawler within the pipe. Therefore if one set of wheels does not touch the pipe then the other keeps the crawler moving.


The modular design allows the drive unit to be easily converted to use either the gamma or the x-ray equipment. The systems work with different x-ray tubes and gamma projectors.


The materials used in the construction of the crawlers are of the highest quality to withstand even the harshest environments.


The designs of the systems have ensured a user friendly interface with safety circuits to ensure safe and reliable operation.


Inspection autonomy:Smart 10: 1,5 Km/day (Propulsion Batteries 24V, 24Ah) (Optional: 2 Km/day(Propulsion Batteries 24V, 42Ah) Smart 6: 1 Km/day (Propulsion Batteries 24V,5Ah) (Optional 2 Km/day (Propulsion Batteries 24 V, 10 Ah))Equipment positioning: Electromagnetic control and/or Cs 137(20mCi) emitter

Translation speed: 11m/min (C-0618), 12.5m/min (C-1048)

Exposure time: 1-999 sec. (1 sec. stepped)

Admissible slope: 35%.

Acceptable temperature: -40 º C up to 70 º C

Exposition delay: 12 sec. (Programmable)

Maximum pipeline curvature: C-0618: 40d (for pipes of d =6”) 10d (for pipes of d = 8”- 18”) C-1048: 40d (for pipes of d= 10”- 12”) 10d(for pipes of d=14”- 48”) Minimum/maximum diameter

Standard Size: 6” (152,4 mm)/48” (457,2 mm)

Driving motor feed: C-0618: Ni-Cd batteries 24V, 5 Ah Ni-Cd batteries 24V, 10 Ah (option) C-1048: Pb batteries 24V, 24 Ah Pb batteries 24V,42 Ah (option)

Stopping precision: +/- 5 mm.

More Information: Crawler Flyer