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P-Series P-70 Portable Power Pack Unit


The Magnaflux Portable Power Packs are convenient and economical inspection units that are used in a wide range of magnetic particle applications that require only moderate power. They are ideal for large or heavy parts, in-service mobile equipment or job-site welds. 



• Find surface defects with AC current; switch cable connection to half wave DC (HWDC) for nearsurface flaws 

• Locate defects in any direction using prods, central conductor, coil (wrap part with 3-5 turns of cable) 

• Infinitely variable current control 

• Demagnetize your parts in AC mode by slowly turning the current dial to zero 

• Built-in automatic-reset circuit breaker 

• May be used as the main power source for the Magnaflux MAG Kit modular bench inspection system 



• Length: 17.5" (44.5 cm) 

• Width: 9" (22.9 cm) 

• Height: 8" (20.3cm) 

• Maximum Output*: 750 amps, AC or HWDC 

• Current Input Single Phase: 115/230 Volts, 50/60 Hertz, single phase power

 • Line Current: 26 amps @ 115 VAC; 13 amps @ 230 VAC 

• Maximum Duty Cycle: 2 minutes ON, 2 minutes OFF 

• Unit Weight: 35 lbs. (15.9 kg) Note:  Current ratings are based on the use of two 15-foot length of 4/0 Cable 



• Cable 4/0, 15 ft. with either ends at both ends (Part Number 11308) 

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