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Mag Kit


The Magnaflux Mag Kit is a modular magnetic particle inspection system that allows lower volume NDT users to tailor a fully operational bench unit to their personal application needs by adding only the components that they currently require. Using a portable power pack as a power supply, the Mag Kit is an economical, easy to operate alternative to more expensive, higher volume bench units when volume processing is not required. It provides the same level of inspection dependability in a lower volume, lower cost equipment package. 



• 50.5”L x 20.5”W x 50.25”H (Table Height 36”) 

• 128cmL x 52.1cmW x 127.6cmH (Table Height 91.4cm) 



• Purchase just the base unit (bench, headstock, tailstock and coil) if you already have a portable power pack 

• Purchase the base unit with portable power pack 

• Specify recirculating pump spray system with original purchase or add it later (not needed if aerosols are used) 

• Conveniently switch magnetizing current from head/tail to coil by changing 2 plug-in cable connections 

• Conduct remote inspections of large, heavy parts with the same portable power pack by using cables and prods 



• Coil Diameter - 11” I.D. (28cm) 

• Max Part Weight - 350 lb. (159kg)

• Max Part Length - 39” (99cm) 

• Mag Kit Weight - 300 lb. (136kg) 

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